About the STRIDA C1

The STRIDA C1 Black Carbon is the ultimate luxury folding bike. Every single element has been redesigned for this special carbon edition. Thanks to its fully 3K carbon frame and carbon wheels, this STRIDA weighs only 8.4 kg. It has detachable racing pedals (which can be replaced with normal pedals via the same quick-release system). With the redesigned handlebars, Kojak racing tires and much more, each and every detail stands for speed and ultra-lightweight technology.

On the road in three steps!

No other folding bike folds like a STRIDA. The STRIDA can be folded and unfolded in three seconds with one single, swift motion. Unlock the magnet, separate the wheels, lock the frame and ride! In the folded position, STRIDA C1 is approx. 115 x 51 x 23 cm – a slim design for easy packing!

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