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The steps below help you through the process of replacing the freewheel on your STRIDA 5.x, LT, SX, C1 or EVO.

Step 1: relax the tension of the belt.

Turn the allen bolt at the bottom so that you can turn the axle.

How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?
How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?

If needed, you can also loosen the ring on the side to make it easier to turn the axle. You can do this with a flat screwdriver in one of the teeth and some hits with a hammer. It is advised to do this carefully to not damage the bike or parts. Cover the head of the screwdriver with a cloth.

After you have loosened the tension on the belt you can guide the belt off the front chain wheel.

The belt should now be hanging only around the rear freewheel.

How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?

Step 2: Loosen the rear brake caliper and snubber

How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?

2.1) Loosen the bolts (1 & 2) of the brake caliper so that the brake caliper is hanging loosely next to the frame. There is no need to cut the rear brake cable.

2.2) Now you can also loosen the snubber (3) at the rear wheel. If this seems rusted while removing it is advised to replace this as well: Snubber Kit

Step 3: Loosen the bolt in the center of the wheel

How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?

Now it is time to loosen the bolt holding the wheel in place (magnet keeper side).

Note! While you pull out the bolt make sure that all the rings and the magnet keeper stay in the right order around the bolt. If you need help with the correct order you can check this product page: Magnet keeper kit for STRIDA

Step 4: Replace the freewheel

How to replace the Freewheel on a strida?

Now that the wheel is off, it is time to replace the freewheel. You can use this tool: STRIDA freewheel tool

It is advised to use a strong pneumatic screwdriver since the freewheel is often on pretty tight after some time. Any bike repair shop should be able to help you with this step.

Step 5: Follow the above instructions in reverse to reassemble the STRIDA.

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