STRIDA folding bikes

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Showing all 12 results

STRIDA folding bikes, the perfect travel companion

Sleek design, easy to fold

STRIDA folding bikes can be folded within a few seconds. Thanks to their light aluminium frame and rollable design, STRIDAs are easy to transport and carry. Premium parts and top quality construction guarantee years of cycling. Another unique STRIDA feature is the strong Kevlar™ reinforced belt, which needs no oil. This means that you won’t get grease on your hands or clothes during your daily commute. 

Engineered for the urban commuter

The STRIDA folding bike is an ideal travel companion for the urban commuter. Take your STRIDA folding bike on the train, in the subway, on the bus or in your car and get where you need to go faster! is the official importer and distributor of STRIDA folding bikes in the Netherlands. We ship everywhere! 

Portable and compact

Planning your next trip? Travel light with a STRIDA folding bike. STRIDA is perfect for on the boat or in the camper, offering you more freedom and mobility to enjoy your holiday even more! Check out our wide range of STRIDA bike models, accessories and parts in stock.

Limited space in your house or car? No room for a big bike in your hallway? With our compact bikes, you can save room while keeping your bike safely inside at night. 

Loads of accessories

Transport all your stuff in our handy carrier bags or even take your bike on a flight with our soft travel bag. [currentsite] has a wide range of accessories.

Your bike comes with bike lights and a bike bell. It arrives fully assembled and ready to go.