Set: AXA Greenline 40 Lux head and tail light – USB – Black

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Set: AXA Greenline 40 Lux head & tail light – USB – Black

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Set: AXA Greenline 40 Lux head and tail light – USB – Black

The AXA Greenline has a mat and compact design with luminous efficiency. It is ease to use and on top of that is USB chargeable. The Greenline is simply mounted and easy tot take with you. These lights are suited for almost every bicycle due to the flexible rubber fastening strap. The Greenline lights are sustainably chargeable via the supplied USB-cable. The Greenline 40 has 2 lighting modes: mode 1 ensures maximum battery life and mode 2 provides an optimal light output. The battery of the Greenline 40 offers up to 7,5 hours cycling pleasure with a charged battery in less than 2 hours charging time. The battery of the rear light gives you up to 4 hours of cycling pleasure and is charged in less than 1,5 hour. With a life span of 1000 charges, the Greenline offers a sustainable alternative for the usual battery lights. Always being visible of both the front and side as a result of the powerful light output of 40 lux. The Greenline guarantees operation at temperatures of between -10 and +40 C. Even with rain and snow. This set includes a front light of 40 lux and a rear light with 1 LED. LIGHT BEAM: 60 meters ‘to see’, 3500 meters ‘to be seen’ REAR LIGHT: 300 meters ‘to be seen’

Safety description

  • Front high power 40 lux LED light & rear 1 LED with life span of more than 50,000 hours
  • Visible from side
  • Meets German (StVZO) regulations

Comfort description

  • On/off switch easy to operate
  • Fastening strap diameter front 22-32 & rear 10-32 mm
  • Warning ‘battery low’ indicator

Technical description

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Battery life time front 7,5 hours
  • Battery life time rear 4 hours
  • Rechargeable via supplied USB

Safety / Security Information

See60 m
Approval LightSTVzo (DE)
Light Intensity40 lx
To be seen3500 m
Visual from the sideYes

Technical Information

Including ReflectorNo
On/Off switchYes
Number of light modes2
Automatic Light-Dark SensorNo
Battery Almost Empty IndicatorYes
Light Hours7 hours
Primary ColorBlack
Product Length50 mm
Product Width50 mm
Product Height80 mm

Mounting information

Including Mounting MaterialYes


Weight0,18 kg
Dimensions16 × 10 × 5,5 cm

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