We have a steady group of customers in Switzerland and offer reliable shipping using UPS for a flat fee for bikes and parts. Your STRIDA folding bike or parts arrive within 3 to 5 working days, sometimes even quicker, or sometimes it might take a few days longer. This depends mostly on Swiss customs.

Official information on duties and fees

The import duties and fees are as follows according the Swiss official information found at: which redirects to:;jsessionid=xKWntszWMIbHzE0jAtXK3pjJ3J0YFkQzJ-otolU9Jbekv-mZwN9V!-115731003?l=en

Upon import you will be be paying in general:

  • 8.1% Value added tax will always be charged
  • A variable import duty rate will be applied according the the product details. You can find the rates at the website of the customs as linked above.
  • Fixed fees by customs and shipping company

Import duties in Switzerland for a STRIDA Bicycle

Below we provide an overview for the payable custom duties and taxes for a bicycle imported into Switzerland. This page has been updated latest in June 2024.

The payable fees, duties and VAT comes adds up to approx a total between 10 to 15% of the price you paid in our shop. We can not give an exact percentage because the fees charged by customs and UPS vary. But this information intends to give you a fair impression of what you can expect.

Please note!: These are estimates. Rates and fees charged by customs and UPS / DHL etc. are regularly updated and the information on this page can not always be fully up to date. Please let us know if you see any outdated or wrong information so that we can update it accordingly.

You shop without paying 21% Dutch VAT

In our shop we do not charge Dutch VAT of 21% if your billing and shipping address is in Switzerland.

Currency exchange information EUR / CHF

For the up to date currency exchange you can look here:

Here you can check the currency exchange including fees with Transferwise:

Payment using Transferwise recommended

It is advised to pay using to get the most attractive exchange rate and lowest possible payment processing fees.

We deliver STRIDA to Switzerland

This information is provided in good faith, but can not be held accountable for mistakes in this information.